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Mama Sweat Friendly Yoga

Posted Jun 04 2009 11:49pm
I am on a mission to get more yoga in my life. Since I wrote a love letter to yoga last summer, I have yet to get any satisfaction. Until yesterday. As recommended, I clicked over to Yowza! How do I love thee?
  • Real yoga, beautiful setting.
  • Don't have to load kids into car or find childcare.
  • Can practice wherever you have a computer or wherever you take your lap top. No need to be distracted by basement clutter because I don't have to do yoga surrounded by naked Barbies. If you travel and take your laptop, you bring a library of yoga videos with you.
  • Did I mention this is free and you don't even have to register? I hate when I have to register and come up with yet another stinking password I'll never remember.
  • You can pause the class as needed. I got through it only pausing twice: once to kiss a boo boo and again when The Boy woke up from a nap (and he was quite amused watching me finish the class).
I've been more motivated than usual to practice yoga this week because my back is out of sorts after a slight calamity Monday during our "family workout." Walking with dog in hand (and two giant boxers on the other side of a fence distracting her), sleeping baby wrapped to my chest, and one child tumped over on the ground on top of her bike, another daughter came back toward us to check out the carnage when she suddenly went off the path, over her handlebars, down a slight embankment, sliding toward a pond (it was a mini version of what Lance did several years ago in the Tour de France). Drawn and quartered might be the accurate description of how my body felt. So yoga it is.

I chose a back strengthening workout and it was the right prescription. The poses are easy to follow and when you can't look at your screen (mine goes black at an annoyingly fast rate) the verbal cues are easy to follow. Still you'll want to catch glimpses every now and again of Grand Teton National Park. Today's yoga class so happens to be yoga for pain relief. Coincidence? They also have this 1 0-minute yoga session for kids. You know I love that.

What I always love about a good yoga class is how centered I feel. That morning I felt calm and capable. I managed to start laundry, work on an editing project, take a shower (even shaved my arm pits!), AND put dinner in a crock pot. Do I owe it all to yoga? I think I do. But yoga can't do everything for you. As I learned at 5 p.m. last night you Still. Have. To. Plug. In. The. Crockpot. Raw pork anyone?

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