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Make it Easier on Yourself

Posted by Lela D.

A lot of the times we end up giving in and heading for the drive-thru is because we're just too tired to think about putting together a decent meal for our kids, let alone preparing it and getting it to the table in one piece. I'm a big fan of freezing as a system for always having something in the house that's quick and easy to feed the natives. Whether you cook in bulk, make use of leftovers, or even use a service to stock your freezer, a full supply of ready food can be a big help in your attempt to raise healthy eaters. I go into more detail on how to best use your frezzer in my article, Freeze Kids' Favorites to Cut Cooking Time in Half. I hope you'll give it a read and let me know what works for you!

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Cooking ahead is a great suggestion. In the Seattle area there are several businesses (the one I know of is called Dinner's Ready) that provide the kitchen and ingredients and you just come in and put together the meals. You pay to come in and use this service and they provide everything you need, including the recipe, to make several dishes. You divide the food up into freezer bags and they're perfect for storing for later use. It's healthy, quick, easy and fun. Search for one in your area!
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