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Lose Weight Like a Celeb

Posted by Teresa J.

Some funny tidbits I found online today:

National Enquirer
Best Combination of Diets and Pictures of Celebrities Looking Fat

The National Enquirer has a few different diet options. There's the Jessica Simpson: five small high-protein meals a day combined with intense cardio, weight-lifting and heartbreak. There's the Tyra Banks: sticking to fruits, vegetables and lean proteins like fish or skinless chicken, boxing and calorie-burning rants about how amazing being fat is. And there's the Martha Stewart: bingeing on desserts, then not eating until you can fit into your pants again. Isn't that what dresses are for?

Remainder of article:

So, when you're worrying about losing baby weight or just weight in general, think of these celebs and do it the right way! Some of them just.don't.look.right! Find healthy weight loss plans and exercise regularly instead of bingeing or following crazy regimens and silly diets.

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