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Let’s Talk About Juice, Baby- Juicing Tips and a Recipe!

Posted Jan 10 2013 12:18pm

One thing I have definitely gotten away from the past couple of months has been juicing.

During my pregnancy, the time we were trying to become pregnant, and also immediately following- juicing was a big part of my lifestyle.

This is the juicer I currently use

It’s been a fabulous little friend for about two years.  I’ve juiced everything from kale to carrots to even a squash.

I would drink one of my juice concoctions daily which was basically this recipe:

  • Three leaves of kale
  • Two carrots
  • Two celery stalks
  • One cucumber
  • One tomato
  • One Lemon
  • Two Apples
  • Organic apple juice as a sweetener
Natural juice recovery drink

Mmmmmm.  Green and TASTY.


I use the organic apple juice to make sure and mask the taste of kale.  You will thank me for that little tidbit because you can’t even TASTE any of the vegetables with this little trick.


I’ve gotten away from this little habit of mine- holidays, hectic life, babies, and whatnot and one of my goals this week is to get back on track.

I’m also wondering as I write this if my juicing during the pregnancy and after the birth had anything to do with getting my metabolism going strong for my weight loss efforts….I’m no doctor- or health professional, but I do think that it might be a fair statement to make.

So I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and also as an update to you all on how to get on the juice train.

TIP:  Ladies- Once you start juicing- your hair and skin will THANK YOU for it.  Seriously, juicing changed the texture of my frizzy thick 70s hair.  I rarely had to use product to keep it under control and that is saying a lot.  I had model hair, and I desperately want that back.


Juicing tips and recipe

Anyhoo.  A couple of notes to get started.

I love my juicer.  I’m hoping to upgrade this year, because I’ve basically juiced the hell out of mine current one.   I’m lusting after this guy:

Oh yeah.  I could juice some kale with this one.

Well, honestly, you can juice pretty much anything and a recipe book normally comes with the juicer.  I have a good recipe here for one of my favorites.  My go to is the recipe above though.  That is the recipe that I always seem to stick to.  You can pretty much juice any vegetable, some you may not even have considered.  Like beets.  Or zuchinni.

The site below is the site that started it all for me.

Reboot With Joe is an extension of the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which chronicles one mans journey to completely REVERSE many of his ailments and fuel his weight loss with juicing.  Watch it.  It’s awesome and inspiring.  Plus it gives great tips for getting started.

Get your juicer, and try what works for you.  It takes about 10 minutes of prep to get juice, but the cleanup can suck.  To make things easier, place a plastic shopping bag in your juice trap container to catch the vegetable trimmings and make cleanup a lot faster.  When you are done, just chuck the bag in the trash, or compost it.  We need to get a new composter since moving- but normally that is what we did.  It makes excellent fertilizer!


I seriously cannot go on enough about the effects of juicing and what I feel it has done for me.

  • It has made a difference in my appearance- mainly hair, skin, and nails.
  • It has made a huge impact in strenthening my immune system.
  • I believe it has fueled my weight loss efforts.
  •  My energy levels are so much higher when I am drinking juice regularly.
  •  It’s filling, and it’s a fantastic after workout supplement.
  •   It’s like drinking your vitamins.  Plus, unlike a mulit- it goes directly into your system with little breakdown.  Instant food based awesomeness.   Which is basically why I’m getting back on the train.  Ever since Chunkers came down with RSV in November, we’ve been fighting colds non-stop around here, and I’m seriously DONE with being stuffy and sick all of the time.

I hope you have some information to get started.  If not, here are a couple of sites that can help you as well:


Happy Juicing!  If you run across a new recipe, let me know!  I’d love to post it!





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