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Let’s Do It for Our Country. Our Country Wants Us To.

Posted Aug 07 2011 9:57am

This weekend has seemed to FLY by. I was on the hunt for the perfect not too casual, not too dressy, dress for an outdoor reception. The bride is wearing blue, (clearly, I’m not going to the Kardashian debacle) which is normally my go-to color for summer weddings, so that was out. I was tearing up the streets looking for something appropriate! I eventually found my way into Benetton, of all places. I found a super cute, red jersey wrap dress! (60% off-HOLLA!) I’ll need a scarf or some other accessory, but it’s gonna be super cute. Only problem, what shoes do I wear with it?!? It’s outdoors and on grass, so probably flats or wedges, but what color? nude? pink? yellow?

I also got Tim a really cute short sleeved navy summer weight knit shirt from Zara. Then I realized, we’re going to be red, white (his pants) and blue at this reception. The bride and groom are totally going to rib us. I think if I find an alternate color for my scarf, we’ll be golden–or at least not so “patriotic.” You’re welcome, America.

We were walking/running between stores sooo fast that I could have had 3 of these.

Do you know what that is?!?! A TRENTA! THIRTY WONDERFUL OUNCES of unsweet green iced tea! Only approximately 15 oz fewer than what I would like! Way to go, Starbucks. Way to go.

For dinner for two nights in a row, we had homemade Chinese food. I made it once, and my husband’s family made it last night. We had bok choy both nights. If you’ve never made bok choy before, you should really give it a go. It is so easy and fun, and the results are truly delicious. It is high in vitamins A,C,B, and K which offer a variety of health benefits. It is also quite high in lutein, which helps ward off certain cancers and other diseases.

It should be noted that the vitamins A and K that are found in bok choy are fat-soluable so they need to be eaten WITH a fat to get the benefit of them.

I ended up tossing mine with a little low sodium soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil.

Other great combos are

  • EVOO and Bragg’s liquid aminos
  • canola oil, sambal, and mushroom stock
  • chicken stock, schmaltz, garlic and shallot
  • just salt and buttah!


What do you like on your greens?

-I like salt and garlic

Would you care if you and your husband were dressed like Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam?

-clearly, I’m concerned

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