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Juno and Pregnant teens

Posted by Teresa J.

An article I spotted online today describes an opinion piece on "Juno" as claiming that the movie portrays teen pregnancy as a "fairy tale", ignoring the reality of adoption as it really is for a birth mother. As a mother, I wonder if teens aren't taking sex and pregnancy as seriously as they should. With teens like Jamie Spears falling pregnant before the adoring eyes of pre-teen girls, is this trend going to be the downfall of too many girls who don't realize what pregnancy can do to a girl's life, body, and self-image? On the other hand, I am certain that there are many intelligent girls out there who know that Jamie Lynn made a mistake and they know better than to follow in the footsteps of teen idols. That said, I worry about our little girls growing up too fast, following their idols into heaven-knows-what, and missing out on childhood. Their little bodies deserve better and I hope we, as mothers (and fathers), can teach our daughters to see that.

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