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Is Cellulite Removal Treatment Right for Me?

Posted Dec 31 2012 6:34am

When fat deposits get trapped and squeezed between the stiffened fibrous bands of tissue beneath the skin, it creates the dreaded puckered effect on the upper and outer thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms. Cellulite removal treatment utilizing the latest innovative Cellulaze device is very effective and the results obtained are long lasting. Before you opt for the cellulite treatment, you should find out whether you are a candidate for the same.

Cellulite Removal Treatment -- Contraindications

Like all cosmetic procedures, cellulite removal treatment is not suitable for everyone. If a woman is suffering from a skin disease such as psoriasis or eczema, then she may not be advised this laser cellulite treatment until her skin disease has been treated. This is because introducing heat underneath the skin will only aggravate her skin disease. You need to address all your concerns before you go in for cellulite reduction. You need to be absolutely sure that the treatment is suitable for you, and this surety can be given only by an experienced and caring plastic surgeon.

Laser cellulite treatment is provided in reputable plastic surgery centers by plastic surgeons who have received special training in providing Cellulaze treatment. This cellulite treatment has long lasting effects, and is of short duration. Your plastic surgeon will inform you about the benefits of the treatment, as well as any possible side-effects. It is important that all instructions provided by the plastic surgeon are followed closely to benefit from the treatment.

How Is This Treatment Done?

A small cannula carrying the Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted into the skin. It delivers the laser energy which melts the fat and serves to reduce the cottage cheese appearance. The laser is directed sideways to cut through the fibrous bands that have been pulling down the skin; the skin plumps out again. Then the laser is directed upwards to heat the skin and stimulate collagen formation. The results of this treatment will start showing over 6 to 12 months, sometimes 3 to 12 months. Collagen is the main part of the skin and it provides tightness and thickness. The temperature of the laser does not go above a certain level, and if it does it is automatically turned off, so the treatment is very safe.

Only one treatment is required and it gives long lasting results. Patients who have undergone this treatment have expressed their satisfaction and are eager to recommend it to others who are bothered by pesky cellulite.

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