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In My Next Life, I Will Create “Fit Mommy” Workout Apparel

Posted Mar 03 2011 12:01am

Back in 2008, I wrote a post called, If You Were An Inventor What Would You Create? And, most of the ideas I had then are still relevant today, although, I’m quite certain that with the iphone, ect…you can get apps for the date book one!
So, here goes, what I love most about my workout gear….I love bits and pieces from all the brands and I am not all that loyal to any one brand.

1. Jog Bra. What can I say, each jog bra I have is not perfect. Small chested, big boned, need to wear all day and to the workout AND that would be nice enough as a top on it’s own, if needed.

2. Bra Top. Favorite brand, is Patagonia Hotline Cami Top . Perfect for all day wear, however, not a workout top.

3. Yoga Pants. Hummm….Yes, great for teaching yoga, not doing yoga- most are too hot or too expensive. Most don’t transition as both workout or “playout”.

4. Track Suits/Sweat Suits. Yes, I do own coordinated hoodies and pants from Old Navy, however, they rarely fit the same from color to color and although are cheap, don’t really last and aren’t really all that stylish.

5. One or Two really awesome hoodies! Colorful, looks great with jeans, functional, that won’t break the bank!

What can I say? Do you see a theme here? I wear workout gear 7 days a week and I am opinionated about it. There are lots of brands on the market that do one or the other really well. What I’d really like to see more of is highly stylish, colorful, sexy yoga apparel {not black} that can do go all day and look as good as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Suggestions, brands, comments?

What would you want if you could design your own workout apparel?

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