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I Think I Found My Motivation

Posted Jun 04 2013 1:39pm

I weighed in this morning at 159.2. Patrick Bateman I think I found my motivation to get back on a healthy diet and exercise schedule.

I KNOW.  I’m excited too!

I had lost it for awhile.  Took a break.  Got a little lazy.

And for me, when I’m not working out regularly, I get all down and blah.

sad gif  The hardest thing for me to do is start back up after a hiatus.  I don’t know why- but it is SO difficult to get back on a schedule after I fall off.

Now my diet has been good.  Not great, but during the week, I’m pretty clean and on the weekends I’ve been falling off.  Plus May was Mega Birthday month in our household so there have been lots of cupcakes and chocolate consumed.

But I’ve made the decision to zip it up and get back to a healthier and cleaner diet- and it’s actually been going pretty great.  Even the kids are eating what I eat.

Last night I made grilled chicken, garlic cous cous, and steamed broccoli and carrots for dinner.  And the shocker out of this is that my sassypants five year old McDonald’s fiend gobbled it up like I had just presented her with a plate of salty golden french fries.  And then she told me that the dinner I made her was “delectable”.  <her Fancy Nancy books are teaching her fancy words.

I’m so proud.

I’m shooting to get in at least three good workouts.  Running is a must, because I love it and it’s my therapy.  But I also love weights- so I’m recreating a routine from Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones and incorporating cardio by using a jump rope.  This is something I can do inside, and it’s pretty simple and highly effective.

I’m discovering that jumping rope is a FANTASTIC way to increase my cardio and burn some major calories.  PLUS it is low impact so I’m not peeing myself everytime I take a hop.

Yes, friends, I’ve had two children, I still struggle with pee.  It’s my badge of motherhood.  I own it.

Any sort of extreme jumping around is not suitable for my condition. 

But jumping rope uses legs, arms, and core, and I’m only hopping like an inch and a half off the ground so no worries there!  And it’s difficult.  I try to jump 100 times, take a break, jump 100, break, and so on.  If I make it to 500 jumps, I consider it a success.

My goal is to make it 30 minutes.  Way harder than it sounds.

I’ve calculated that jumping moderately for 20 minutes burns about 300 calories.  NOT BAD.

So this week, my diet is in check and I feel great.  I’ll make time to fit at least 3 workouts in.  And check back with a weight update on Monday!

What is your favorite way to get your cardio?

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