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I had a up and down c section can I ever build up stomach muscle?

Posted by cj

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You can definitely build up some strength and flatten your abs no matter what type of c-section or abdomina surgery you've had.

Once your doctor clears you for exercise, start with the drawing in maneuver.  Laying on the floor with knees bent take a deep breathe in then as you breathe out contract the lower abs to draw the belly button towards the spine.  Flatten your low back into the floor without tensing your butt or shoulders.  Hold for 10 seconds then release.  Repeat 10 times.  You can do this every day for a couple of weeks to re-train your abdominals to contract.

Once you can do this easily you can get started with a beginner ab and core workout to help you build strength, stability, and endurance.  After my c-section I thought I would never have flat abs again but I did it.  I just had to find the right workout program that didn't include crunches (those don't work even for people who haven't had c-sections).

Hope this helps and if you need an ab workout let me know.

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