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I Get By With A Little Help from My E-Friends

Posted Apr 30 2013 4:39pm
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I had an amazing experience this past weekend.

I met 40 women for a weekend away at a lake house.

Most of these women I was meeting for the first time.

It was absolutely one of the best times I’ve ever had.

Not because I had the opportunity to sleep in, because that was nice.  But I didn’t really take advantage of that.

Not because I had the opportunity to let loose and relive my youth, because I totally did accomplish that- and my body hates me for it today.

But it was the best time because I finally met women I’ve been communicating with for years.  Women I’ve supported, who’ve supported me- and even if we had not really known each other in real time, I still felt like we KNEW each other.  If that makes sense.

I’ve communicated with this group since 2008.  I’ve seen kids grow up in pictures and signatures, I’ve been witness to the joyous pregnancy announcement, the scares, and unfortunate losses.  I’ve been so involved with this group that meeting them in person felt like a dream come true.

Having this group of women has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  I am fortunate to have a safe place to go to “talk” out my issues.  It’s no longer about meeting your friends at the coffee house and chatting over pot after pot of coffee.  Or gabbing on the phone.  We do it online, in forums, in threads- some of which have reached epic proportions of snark, humor, and silliness.

Having E-friends, to me, has been the one thing that I have that will always make me feel that I haven’t “lost” myself.   I haven’t lost myself in my marriage, with my kids, with my job- I can go online and there I am.

I have shared so many stories, laughs, cries, heartache, and joy with this group of ladies.  Meeting them in person just made me love and respect them all even more.

So when people ask me, how I managed to make so many friends who all have the same ages in kids- I tell them proudly….we met online.

And when my husband first asked me if I felt safe driving three hours to meet women I didn’t really know and if I really thought that it was a good idea- I didn’t hesitate when I answered- HELL yeah and it’s going to be AMAZING.

So to all my E-friends who have now become real in person friends- THANK YOU.

Thank you for bringing me back to myself.  Thank you for so many laughs.  Thank you for being so gosh darn amazing.  That’s the one word I kept repeating over and over again all weekend.  And I’ll use it again.  It was amazing.

It was literally one of the best weekends of my life.  And I am already counting down until we can do this again.


Oh!  AND for those who are curious. .. I’m weighing in at 160 this morning.

My body hates me for the abuse I did over the weekend so my goals this week are to drink all.the.juice.  And to detox my system.  Because I pretended to be 26 again, and my body had to remind me that I’m not 26 anymore.  Boohoo.

Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.

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