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I’m Huge In Japan

Posted Mar 05 2013 9:23am

Yesterday was my rest day. While I needed it, I hate them. I’m not orthorexic by any standards, I eat more than what I should on most occasions, I think, and not all of it is ideal. (I have a food blog. I TASTE a lot!!) What I am is a creature of habit. I love a routine. Coffee within minutes of waking up, breakfast not long after that, get the bits up and ready and fed, go about my day, and then GO TO THE GYM.

Yes, I love the endorphins. Yes, going to the gym often is a part of what allows me to taste more foods, and yes, it does make you look better in your clothes. It’s also my nightly allowance of kibbitzing with my closest friends and good natured ribbing about our personal lives. Simply put, it’s effing fun. How am I meant to go to bed if I haven’t made fun of my friend the GraveRobber’s husband? (so named because her husband is 30 years her senior) How is she supposed to relax without making fun of my deafness and propensity to hear things very incorrectly? It must be very difficult for her. Good thing I can’t hear her bitching about it.

BTW, I AM profoundly deaf. I am also ok with her making fun of it. Sometimes, the way I hear things is pretty damn funny.

Yesterday, I was content with “meh”. Last night, I was writhing under my skin. I wanted to move my body, but also wanted to drop over asleep after work. I was friggen tired, damnit. Why is it that when my body is tired, my brain is on party time, and when my brain wants to shut off, my body is ready to climb something? The only thing that was available for me to climb was just as tired as I was, and that is even MORE lame.

I swear to whichever deity that won’t offend you that I am going to end up “Rainman”ing the hell out of my evenings, muttering about routine and television shows. Thankfully, for someone with generalized anxiety disorder and adhd, this is completely normal.

I love how I just described the symptoms of my personal psychosis as “completely normal”. I’m super average inside of my crazy. From the outside, I probably look like I have it mostly together, what with my routines and schedule. What you don’t know is that I have a Dickens of a time working outside of those parameters. I get twitchy, anxious, and just a tad out of sorts. It’s like OCD with energy!

Maybe I just need to go for a walk. That should help. OH WAIT! I have to go to the dentist. Stooooopid dentist. Stupid fake teeth needing fixed. (most of my teeth are real…but my family IS from West Virginia, don’t expect my mouth to move mountains not named “Dew”.)

In the spirit of routine, here’s a recipe I made for you. It’s no bake, all natural, raw-ish. High-protein, grain-free, gluten-free, Paleo(ish) and it’s friggen chocolate. You’re welcome, America. (and canada, and sweden, and the other countries where people read my blog….I think South Africa reads me, and I am huge in Japan….Ok, I mostly just wanted to say “I am huge in Japan” and if someone doesn’t TWHS that in their head? I am disappointed in you scamps)

No-Bake Chocolate Energy Bars

no bake chocolate energy bars 2 no bake energy bars


No Bake Chocolate Energy Bars

by Cat Bowen

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: (rest time in fridge) 15 minut

Keywords: no bake raw appetizer breakfast dessert side snack dairy-free gluten-free kosher paleo soy-free vegan vegetarian candy bars

Ingredients (18 bars)


pulse in food processor until it forms a ball

roll out between two sheets of parchment

cut in 1/2″ thick squares

re-roll scraps as necessary, you can’t overwork this dough


store in airtight container in fridge

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