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Hurricane Sandy Update

Posted Oct 30 2012 11:06pm

Hi Everyone,

First of all let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is living through Sandy.  The devastation is heartbreaking.

We have been incredibly lucky.  Our neighborhood is one of the highest points in Manhattan and we have had zero flooding, no power outages and no interruptions in water.  Last night we were swayed around quite a bit by the wind.  Our building felt more like a cruise ship than an apartment and we have some seriously creepy creaking of the floorboards and ceilings.

What it looks like in our neighborhood …

But that is nothing … nothing compared to what was happening in other parts of the city.

I woke up at 4am last night, checked my twitter feed and immediately started bawling at  the news of NYU Langone Hospital being evacuated .  Having had NICU babies I have nothing but deep deep respect for NICU nurses. The nurses who kept tiny newborns alive and carried them to safety down flights of stairs have a golden seat in heaven.  Heroic …

It’s been a little surreal to be in a part of the city where very little is affected.   A blessing, but surreal to hear the stories of other parts in the city and know that those areas are just a few blocks away.

Our big challenge these past few days has been keeping the cooped up crazies at bay.  As some of you know, we are still not in our apartment (HOLY ever lasting renovation Batman) and we are temporarily staying in a small (600 sq ft) studio apartment.  600 sq feet, 4 people, no ability to go outside … its like toddler Jenga up in here.

Sandy adventures

We have built forts, obstacle courses, sticker-ed everything we possibly can, play doughed, crafted, baked, watched movies and had many tea parties … when all options were exhausted we took it to the hallways, played soccer and tag much to the dismay of our neighbors.  Finally we took our scooters to the lobby and played chase with the doorman.  To say its been an adventure is putting it mildly.

There is no telling what mischief we will find tomorrow :)

There are many of my friends in the city and outside the city who have yet to regain power or water.  I wish I could help and if anyone reading this needs anything, please let me know.

Hugs NYC.  Let the recovery process begin.


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