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How To Survive the Snack Attack.

Posted Mar 22 2013 3:25pm
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Oh man.

Some days I feel like I could eat my left arm if it smelled like bacon.

don't touch my bacon


Just the smell of bacon or baking cookies is enough to drive me into this crazy fit where I need to EAT SOMETHING NOW!!!  It’s an emergency!!  I’m suddenly STARVING and need to eat all the stuffs!!


Ever been there?


I think it is funny how I can be completely fine and content and in the very next minute, I’m ravenous.


And this ALWAYS happens to me when I’m out shopping or at the grocery store within hands reach of a pack of Famous Amos cookies.  <those little assholes get me every.time.


tips to survive bad snack choices


I carry fruit in my purse.  Don’t laugh!  It works!  So if I’m out running errands and in danger of driving through a drive thru- I find that shoving an apple in my mouth can momentarily sidetrack me until I can get my hands on an acceptable healthy meal.  It has really helped!


This happened to me.  No joke.  As I’m writing this list, I was STARVING.  Like wanting to shank the lady that just brought in Whataburger starving.  So I gulped down almost a half of liter of water, and I’m fine again!  This works well, only if you have a meal scheduled soon.  Water doesn’t fill you up for long.


Ok, so the two above didn’t work and you are stuck in the checkout line and can’t stop thinking about the Chips A’hoy tub-o-cookies that is blatantly demanding your attention.

just one oreo

Grab the pack of peanuts, instead.  Go for the least processed healthiest snack you can find if you need something NOW.  There is usually trail mix, or peanuts in our vending machine so that’s what I’ll try to stick to.   I’m not always able to pass up the vending machine or check out line cookies.  But I try.

Here’s a list of my favorite healthy portable snacks right now:

  • a handful of almonds and chocolate chips- in a baggie I can keep it in my purse. 
  • apples
  • bananas
  • pita chips
  • popcorn- low butter/low fat
  • mini rice cake snack bags
  • natural peanut butter snack cups


Happy Friday!


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