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How to Keep Up With Blogging- I suck at it.

Posted Aug 13 2013 1:56pm

Well Hi!

Wait…Where the hell have I been?  You may ask.

Well.  I really haven’t mastered the art of how to keep up with blogging.

I know I know.  I kinda dropped off the blogosphere.  I’m sorry.


Here’s why:

1.  I decided to bite the bullet and open my etsy store .  This was a goal of mine as outlined in my New Years Resolutions !   I actually do strive to keep those resolutions!!  Goal reaching!  It’s important!

Now the thing about my etsy store is that I love love love sewing.  I’ve been talking about opening an etsy store for years.  I’ve never done it because of fear.  Fear of putting myself out there.  Fear of being laughed off the internet.  Fear of actually succeeding at it.  Weird.  I know.

So one day in June I decided…Eff it.  I’m just going to put up some photos and see how it goes.

I’ve gotten some GREAT feedback from this, so in my spare time, I’ve been trying to grow this little bud into something bigger.

So my fitness blogging has fallen by the wayside.  As has my running.  Which I miss desperately.  Texas being 111 degrees doesn’t help my running either….

So.  HOW the heck do I manage my time properly?  No. Really…any help will be appreciated.

I still work full time in the corporate sector.  And now I’m also fulfilling little teeny newborn baby orders with ruffles <3.

And the hilarious part about this is that I weighed 156 pounds the other day.  But I’m pretty sure that’s because my diet for the most part stays clean.  <at least I’ve been keeping up with that!!

So now I’m trying to juggle too many plates and I’m figuring out how to keep the writing up- because truth be told.  I love it.  I love writing- I love engaging with people.  I just love hearing awesome stories about people reaching their goals!

And plus- eating healthy and working out are a very important part of my lifestyle at this point.  I’m convinced that both keep me sane.

So I will continue to update.  I won’t bore you with details of my sewing adventures- I’m going to *try* to keep that separate and link it to my clothing site Punk & Priss Clothing Co.

It is possible to be in two places at once.  It IS.

I’m also researching the possibilities of cloning myself ala Michael Keaton in Multiplicity .


I’ve missed you guys!!!!



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