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How Much Did You Gain During Pregnancy?

Posted by Lela D.

I think it's interesting to see the wide variation of weight gain. In order to save some face, let's talk in terms of percentages! When I run the number, I gained 36% of my original body weight during each of my two pregnancies. I was down below my original weight both times within a year. How about you?
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65 pounds. It might have been a bit more but I gained 65 pounds with my son and never want to do that again!!! I hope that, after having spent the last (nearly) two years changing my eating and activity habits, I will have more energy, make better choices, and not gain quite so much next time around. Some women gain a lot of weight no matter what they do but I'm hoping not to! All that aside, it took me about a year and a half to lose all 65 pounds. It does come off with some work
Worked Out During my Pregnancy. I was fortunate to workout throughout my pregnancy. I looked great. I was back in shape in no time. I think it's genetics too. I did gain weight, of course, but not sure how much. I am guessing 36 pounds. It just never was a worry for me, so I didn't have my attention on it.
Gained a lot - -. -But it did not bother me so much because I did not want to worry about dieting then. It has been a year and a half, and I have almost shed it all off. Just the last few pound remain.
About 25 pounds if memory serves.... It was many years ago but I watched what I ate and had no problem getting back to my before pregnancy weight. I have more of a problem keeping the weight off today-the metabolism has ssssssssssssslowed down!
What's a healthy amount to gain, or does it depend on the person?. I wonder, is there a specific number of pounds that is healthy for a pregnant woman to gain during her pregnancy, or does that number depend on the person? Is there a point where weight gain becomes to much, and can it put the mother and child at risk?
25 pounds. I gained exactly twenty five pounds with the second one. I ate healthy during my pregnancy and exercised the whole time. My first pregnancy I gained very little but I was so sick that I lost a ton of weight before I started gaining. As a result I was able to wear my jeans again in a couple of weeks. Not so with the second one but I sure didn't miss being sick.
to kristen d.. the recommended weight gain during pregnancy is between 25 and 35 pounds but there are women who just tend to gain a lot more (me) than that. it's probably best to be careful and to try not to focus on it. it's not "getting fat", as I've heard pregnant women describe gaining baby weight. weight gain is natural while pregnant and the baby needs the nutrition its mother gives to it by eating.
I gained 50 pounds (37% of my original body weight). I never had morning sickness, which might have had something to do with it. My doctor told me I was gaining too much weight, my mom told me I was gaining too much weight, but I just decided to be relaxed about it and eat when I was hungry. I lost all the weight within a year, without too much effort.
They say (these days...) 25-35, but I think that's mostly just baby stuff. Like blood, extra fluids, the placenta, and the actual baby. The thing is that you can't adjust your eating perfectly and in order to nourish the baby you need to eat more, but then you eat a little more more and get a little fat. Oh well. Plus, I felt like I needed the extra weight in my butt and things just to counterbalance that huge belly so I wouldn't fall over!

I ended up gaining 30 lbs exactly for both pregnancies. The gain was about 17% of my body weight. Of course the second pregnancy I was already up 10 lbs. I haven't hit my original weight, yet. Yes, it's been two years, but slow and steady!

With my first child, I gained at least 45 lbs (stopped keeping track at that point). I remember thinking that that 25-35 recommendation was a ridiculous expectation. But with my second, I gained only 30 lbs. I learned from my first and reduced how much juice and salt I consumed, and snacked more often. By 1 week after my son was born, I had the text-book 7-8 lbs left to lose - and now that he's almost 3 months old I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. (It's just not all back in the same places it was.)
I gained 40 lbs. and I'm trying desperately to lose it! Baby is 5 1/2 mos old now. I have to admit I ate anything I wanted while pregnant, and not necessarily healthy. I think my biggest problem now is that my whole lifestyle has changed. I used to work full time and now I am a stay at home mom. Being home all day is really bad for my diet!
Oh yes, someday for sure. Just give yourself a year or two. Don't give away all your really good clothes... like someone I know!
I haven't given any of my clothes away but my sister in law just got about 6 pairs of really nice shoes! :( My feet will never go back I guess....
I gained 35 lbs with all three of my children. I lost all the weight each time. It took about eight months to lose it. I did it slowly but surely. I think that is more healthy. I lost it by consistently exercising and eating healthy.

The OBs really do not seem to regulate weight gain the way they did in the past. When I was in Med School the standing recommendation was to gain an average of 24 pounds.

Now women commonly gain 2-3 times that amount. This is OK for my chosen career as some of these women when they do lose the weight find their way to me. I am a body shop of sorts.


I gained 72 pounds with the first, 45 pounds with the second, and 65 with the third. The first and second it continually came off and I was back to normal within 9-12 months. With the third I have only lost 31 pounds in the past 5 months but it has stopped dropping. I even tried a 6 week boot camp and lost nothing. I am also breastfeeding. I am so depressed and not sure what to do. I am eating sensibly but its just not coming off. I am normally a size 4-6 and right now I am a 12. I can't stand to look at myself. I don't want my husband to touch me and I hate having to go out of the house. Any thoughts. I was on zoloft but now I am not because I thought it would help me drop some additional pounds but no such luck! Helpless and severly depressed about my weight and body....HELP ME
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