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Helpers Amongst the Boston Marathon Bombing Tragedy

Posted Apr 16 2013 5:04pm
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I ran my first and only marathon in 2009.

rock n roll marathon 2009

I didn’t come in first.  <–as if that was even a possibility

And I didn’t come in last.

I don’t even think I finished in the middle.  I walked, I ran, I stumbled, and I cried my way through that race and finished in 6 hours.

But I was able to cross that finish line.

And crossing that line evoked a whole range of emotions in me.

Elation and complete joy were the main ones that come to mind.  Followed by pure exhaustion.

Many runners in Boston yesterday were unable to finish their race and experience the exhilaration and pride that comes with crossing that line.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Boston marathon was rocked with two deadly explosions that took the lives of three and injured dozens more.

In the months following the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT- I’m just at a loss as to what to say- what to do.  Anything I want to write just seems trivial…. unimportant.

I, like a lot of folks, am outraged, saddened, concerned, and want to know what to do to help.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families of this horrible tragedy.

The quote from Fred Rogers made it’s way up and down the media channels yesterday and offers an absolute truth and a bit of comfort about Americans in the face of tragedy.


There are always helpers.


Fred Rogers

-Fred Rogers

In the aftermath of the bombings, the good people of Boston did anything and everything they could to help victims, runners, families, and friends.

There are reports of restaurants offering free food to workers and helpers.

There are reports of clothing stores handing out water and supplies to any who need it.

There are reports of families offering their homes for anyone who may have been displaced.

And of course, there were the heroes, firemen, police, and first responders who ran towards the  danger to help those in need.

Look for the helpers.  Because they are always there.

Ann Curry has reignited the viral 26 Acts of Kindness that was started in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown.

Resurfacing again- any act of kindness that is done in the name of the victims of the Boston Marathon can be chronicled with the hashtag #26Acts2.

I wrote a post in December on 20 ways to give back .  Any of these suggestions can be used to help show support for Boston as well.


You can also read about ways to help directly  by reading about it HERE  and HERE.

Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.

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