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Heart Problems: A Subject Close To My Heart

Posted Jan 09 2010 1:50pm


On a recent Saturday, my husband called while riding home to say that he had been stung by a bee and that he didn’t have his epi-pen.  CRAP!  Kids get in the car, stat!  Drive like a wild woman 5 miles down the road to find my husband circling in a parking lot looking for us.  At this point, Paul’s lip had swollen to twice it’s size and he was starting to shake.  I hand over the epi-pen and can tell that he is scared to give himself the shot.  Having never had to do that before, he accidentally gave himself the shot in his thumb.  Yikes.  The explicitives that followed were not pretty.  ”I shot my G..Damned thumb!”"”

Following this incident, he was  diagnosed with a right brachial branch blockage.  This diagnosis came on the heels of him having a bee sting and the flu at the same time.  While at the hospital,  he literally felt his heart stop while at the hospital. Which is how they detceted the irregularity in his heart.

Thankfully, this problem has now been dismissed via a stress test (on a treadmill under a watchful Cardiologist’s eyes).

However, the scare remains in our memories!

As with lots of things in my life, timing is everything.  Back in November when we were going through all this, I recieved a PR requst about A Very Special Heart.   It’s potentially a life-saving device that stores all your important medical information.

There are two models: a globe keychain (for men or women)or a heart shaped necklace and inside each is a USB device to store all of your medical information.  Simply open the heart, insert the USB device into any computer and all your medical records will show up.  Isn’t that incredible?  I accepted this product review immediately and have since spent several hours on the website reading about all the special tools it has available to you.  The information you provide on the USB device can be translated in several languages, it can hold all your children’s medical information, and any special needs you or your family members might need.

A Very Special Heart retails for $89.95.

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