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Gym vs. Home Gym

Posted Nov 04 2011 12:31am
Gym or Home Gym, which one is better?

Can you achieve the same results from having a home gym, rather than driving to your local gym. I'm going to challenge myself  for the next 4 weeks, I will develop a routine for myself, will use only what I currently have at home and decide for myself which one I prefer better.

Since my time working out at the gym has been cut down to 3 days a week, I want to see if I can get the same results. However, I like being at the gym, seeing my gym buddies,  getting motivation from my follow figure competitors and it's my "ME TIME". This is the time, I can think about my day, clear my head no kids calling me or fighting with each other and I can decide what's my next plan of action.

So starting, Monday I will use what I have. My dumbbells, bands, spin bike, lunges (I LOVE these), it crack me up a when the regulars see me set up my area, they know what I am about to do and they get out the way. 15 walking lunges with a back leg lift 3 sets (not touching the floor at all), with a 30 pound barbell on my shoulders, I will get a picture posted for demonstration. Next, pull-ups, push-ups, crunches with/without a ball, 25 pound plate. Butt-ups are also great for the gluteus maximus, using a stability ball-lay on your lower back and raise your bottom up and squeeze at the top, you will feel the burn in the hamstrings and the glutes.

This is all I have in my home gymSpin Bike-
P90X- alternate DVDs
Dumbbell 25 pounds, 15 pounds, 8 pounds, 4 pounds 
    -bicep curls 25 pounds 3 sets of 10
    -triceps extension 15 pounds 3 sets of 10
Bands- Light, Medium, Heavy
Pull-up bar
Stability Ball

I also like to do what I call the boxer "Z" jump, hold up hands in a fighter stance and jump to the left, then jump to the upper right hand corner, then jump to the upper left hand corner, reverse back to where you started, do this as long as you can, trying to make the jumps big & explosive.

I will keep a log of exercises and a food journal, I'm big on writing everything down. In a way, it  keeps me accountable to myself. Also, gives me an idea of where I started and where I need to push myself more. My thing is that if I can do 3 sets of 10 then I need to add more weight even if it's just getting 5 reps, by doing this it's braking down the muscle fibers, building muscle.  Heavy weight, low reps = building muscle

Many women believe that if your  lifting heavy weight it's going to make you look like Heman, well it will not. I repeat it will not!!!

I squat 90-95pounds on the smith machine but that's only because I don't have a spotter, and I do 25 pound biceps curls and my arms are not manly looking. Women do not have enough testosterone in our body's to produce huge muscles, like men.

This is my challenge for myself, leave your comments & suggestions.

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