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Goal Call Monday

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:45am

What is your goal in health, diet or exercise this week?

Goal Call Monday: Focused, Accountable, and Motivated for success.

This week’s winner is Anita!  Congratulations.  6 days of workouts and getting your red fruits and veggies.  I’ll be in touch for your feature post.


Ready to Share?

1. Enter your goal in the comments (anytime during the week).

2. You’ll be listed in the Goal Call section next Monday. Share with us how you did and your results/progress will be entered in the drawing.

Why You Want to Participate:

Focus on your top one-week goal in health, diet or exercise.

Accountability is shared here in the comments and by coming back with the results.

Motivation will be provided through your desire to achieve your goal and return with good news or the challenges you faced.

As an extra motivation, I’ll enter anyone who participates in a random drawingto receive a dedicated feature about You or Your site (Your choice) in a future post.

Goal Call

How did you do? Did you accomplish your goal, get stuck, have a funny story to tell?

  • Blaine: Great job with the race.  There is the catch 22 when needing a competitor beside  you in a race to get that final umph!  Way to win.  This week’s goal is to rest a bit and go on a longer run with some easy miles in preparation for 4 races in 5 weeks.
  • Anita: 30 mins/day every single day & to make wiser eating choices as the week progresses.  I know you’re gonna conquer the weekends!  Yes, they are tough, but you are tougher!

You’ll be entered in the drawing for a dedicated feature or post upon letting us know how you did with your goals. Everyone’s invited. What is your goal this week? I look forward to cheering you on and helping you stay focused!

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