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From Work Out of the Home to Stay At Home Mom

Posted Apr 23 2012 4:37am

My house has turned into an infirmary! Somehow, my weekend started out good, we took 50 kids to the beach for a PE field trip, to a weekend spent at Urgent Care. My children were carrying an old piece of wood around the house to ask me if they could cut it up to use to create something new, when, it dropped on my youngest child’s foot –which has lead to multiple splinters and two trips to Urgent Care…Don’t ask me why or how, I don’t know. I just know that whatever antibiotics’ they’ve given him hasn’t worked as of yet. And, being the mother of boys, I am sure you are aware that giving a shot to a six year old can be traumatizing, then, have to get another one the next day is EVEN WORSE. My son told the nurse, only put the tip of the needle in and put the bandaid on immediately and get me out of here…we’re his words of choice today over and over and over. It sucked. I’m truly thankful that so far nothing horrible has happened and this is just a bump in the road in raising kids, but, when you’re in the moment, there is nothing you want more than to keep your child from being hurt.

I’m sure that their are many of you moms out there who may feel “out of sorts” when faced with bizarre situations, right? I end up cleaning out linen closets, ditching old stuff, creating one clean space in my house and generally being Suzy Homemaker which has not always been my best gig, if you know what I mean. I’m good at cooking, but hate the dishes. I enjoy clean clothes, but, I let the laundry pile up each week until I am forced to fold. I let mail pile up for five days before I sort & file. I could improve on all of these things, but, when I work full time, it’s hard to keep up with the house stuff. Now, that I’m home for a few days, it becomes an obsession to have all the stuff done before bed, etc…I’m going to love my clean house for a few days, but, will let it all go when I return to work.

Anybody, else feel this way?

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