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Fresh Air - Fresh Attitude

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm
Fall seems to have finally arrived in my neck of the woods. The humidity has dropped, the temperatures cooled and it gets dark earlier and suddenly.

It's my favorite time of year!

Fall makes me want to clean and sweep and move. I've been walking in the early evenings and it's usually almost dark when I get home. It's still warm enough that I'm sweating profusely by the time I'm done, so I immerse myself in the slowly chilling pool afterwards. It cools me down to the core so that I can sleep at night.

It's Wednesday, and I weighed in this morning... 224. Gah!

I am battling other things besides weight now. It makes it difficult to see how I'm really doing when things are fluctuating so wildly on a daily basis. But yesterday when I wore a tank top, I think I noticed that there was more curve and less bulge at the waistline - in spite of what my scale is saying. I take small comfort in the fact that I am practially water-logged from all the ice water I've been drinking and that muscle weighs more than fat... so I can justify away the two pounds that have shown up unexpectedly.

I imagine things will settle down soon (I hope so!) and I'll be pleasantly surprised at all the happy things that have been happening to my body while it's been on fire.

In the meantime, I can hardly wait to get home and walk!
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