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Posted Oct 28 2012 1:12pm

This post is really late, and there may not be a post tomorrow because….FRANKENSTORMOHURRIPOCOLYPSE!!! Or, after last year’s brush with the mighty forces of nature through Irene, dejácane. I also have to take my computer in for servicing, which may be hard if there is no power. Not to worry though, I got all my necessities in order prior to today. I did go to the store to buy a few extras after I hit the gym this morning, and I was surprised to see that the condom aisle looked like it was ransacked. I find this especially funny as I quipped about the need for birth control during the time we’ll all be holed up in our homes, waiting for Sandy to glide on by.

Obviously our Sandy is “end of ‘Grease’, leather clad” Sandy, and not “poodle skirts and saddle shoes” Sandy. This is good as hipsters wear saddle shoes, and I have no patience for hipsters. I am going to pretend I do not own any saddle shoes for this point.

If I do post tomorrow, expect a post about how close I am to the edge of my sanity. The end is nigh.

I have beer.

I have wine.

I have more food than space to store it.

My kindle is charged.

I’ve waxed my legs….(TMI?)

Here’s your terribly photographed Sunday Sweet, just to prove how much I love you. You’ll have to trust me that they taste better than they look, because I haven’t seen the sun in DAYS.

These are delicious. Pumkin Biscoff Truffles. Yeah, they’re good.


Pumpkin Truffles

by Cat Tan

Keywords: no bake snack dessert



whip together all ingredients and chill overnight

scoop into 1″ balls and roll in powdered sugar

keep chilled

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