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Four Weekly Health Goals

Posted Apr 08 2013 2:27pm
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Last week went by in a blur.  It was one of the busiest weeks for me at my in real life job, and I wasn’t available online much.  So my blogging suffered.  Sorreh!

I did manage to get in two good running workouts last week, so at least there is that.

But a new week has started!!

Which means that I’m trying to do less of this:

lazy cat

And more of this:



So.  Since I keep getting too busy to workout and stuff, I’m hoping that once again, I can keep myself accountable with a list of goals.


Goal setting 101:  write that shitz down.


weekly health goals


The snail is here for encouragement.  He’s a support snail.


1.  Workout three times this week:  I can do this!! I’m setting the bar on this a bit low due to the fact that I’ve barely managed to get two workouts a week in lately.  I need to do better than that!  No more time constraint excuses!  I did it for months before!

2.  Track all of my food:   I use My Fitness Pal for tracking, and I need to get back with the program.  Not tracking leaves me vulnerable to sneak in crappy food.

3.  Drink 2 liters of water per day:  I need to drink the water.  It helps flush my system, and I haven’t been drinking enough.  So I have my trusty 1 liter reusable water bottle that I will take with me everywhere I go.  Drink all the waters!!!1

4.  Juice daily:  I’m adding this one because I love love love what juicing does to my skin, hair, energy, and metabolism.  I usually use this recipe for daily juicing, but lately have only been juicing once or twice A MONTH.  Yikes!  And I’m a little vain.  I’ll admit it.  I miss the soft, unfrizzy,  manageable shampoo commercial hair and glowy skin that I had back when I was juicing daily.  It’s a nice little perk.  And worth the effort.  And oh yeah, the health benefit is cool, too.


And that’s the deal this week.  I’m already behind because I haven’t tracked my food yet.  I’d better get on board.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Brooks Running Pure Project : Feel more with less.

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