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Four Things that Must Be in the Average Women's Workout Routine

Posted Sep 18 2009 2:44pm

The average woman is not usually concerned about having shredded arm, legs and six pack abs.   On the contrary, most women merely seek a workout routine and fitness program that will help them lose some weight and tone their muscles, so that their body weight and body fat percentage places them in the healthy range for their age and height.

However, due to the fact that women are especially tasked with an abundance of different responsibilities, such as attending to the needs of the kids, the matters of the house and in many cases holding down a job as well, there are four essential characteristics that must be in a woman’s fitness program that will allow her to start a program and stick to it.

Adherence is relative to the degree of accessibility and convenience.

Today’s busy woman needs a workout routine they can attend with ease without having to make a 40 minute to an hour round trip commute to the gym.   An effective workout routine that can be done in 30 minutes in the comfort of their home with minimal equipment is the ideal workout routine.

 Knowledge and clear and concise instructions are vital.

In order for the workout routine to be effective, the exercises must be safe, carefully designed and presented in a manner that is easy to follow.   The workout routines should be dynamic or changing at least weekly to prevent boredom or lack of interest.

Affordability will allow her to incorporate the program long term.

Neither of the two foregoing characteristics matters if the fitness program is not in her long term budget.   It is important that she be able to afford the fitness program long term so that she will not have to break her workout routines after a month or two because of cost. Starting and stopping fitness programs seldom renders the desired results long term.

She must be able to monitor her progress.

She wants to be able to determine in six to eight weeks, if her workout routine is working or not.   Therefore, the fitness program should include a way for her to monitor her body fat percentage.    Another very effective option is providing instructions on how to do tape measurement on key parts of the body.   The scale alone is not a good indicator of one’s fitness progress, especially if the workout routine and fitness program is comprised of resistance training, which builds and tones muscles. 

In summary, a fitness programs for women should make it easy for her to workout.   Furthermore, it should provide her with clear and concise easy to follow instructions.   The program must be affordable so that she can continue to work out long term and the fitness program must provide her with an accurate way of monitoring her progress.

L.A. Smith is the owner of L.A. Online Fitness and he is a NCSF certified fitness trainer who has been involved in fitness for over two decades. Visit L.A. Online Fitness today ( to see how we are providing fitness to the planet with online fitness training.

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