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Fitting Exercise In

Posted Jan 30 2012 3:11pm

AHHHH!!!!!  Its Monday and today has been NON. STOP.  We’ve got big things happening later on this week for the Phillips’ family, and today I’ve been preparing for the arrival of my in-laws, as well as dealing with the regular Monday hi-jinks, PLUS a 3 year old that woke up in a BAD mood.  This is the first time since 6:45 this morning that I have had a quiet moment to myself.  *Breathes*

Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure something will come up and wreck my quiet moment. Smile with tongue out

Anyway, as soon as I got the 6 year old on the bus, I drove over to the preschool to sign Caleb up for Pre-K this fall.  Last year, I got there right at the start time and the line was out the door, so this year, I figured I’d get there 20 minutes early and beat the crowds.  When I got there, the line was snaked around the front foyer of the church.


Thankfully, I got in line next to a friendly woman and we chatted a bit…I ended up waiting in line for 35 minutes, but its all worth it because Caleb got a spot in the 5 day Pre-K for the fall!  Hallelujah!!!

After Pre-K registration, even with all the loose ends I had at home, I went over to the gym to get my work out on.  I weighed my options:

  • A. Skip my workout and have ample time to get my to-do list done, but be irritable and grumpy, and feel like I’d want to shoot somebody.


  • B. Get my workout on, rush home, and run around like a chicken with its head cut off getting stuff done but be on an endorphin high and feel the effects of a great workout while doing it.

I obviously chose the B.

9 times out of 10, I will choose to workout over NOT working out.

Which brings me to this…HOW can we (busy, working, child-rearing 30-somethings) find the time to fit in exercise when this is the BUSIEST time of our lives?

fitness-mom (2)

They say the 30s is the busiest time in one’s life…we’re working, working, working; raising younger kids, and just trying to keep our heads above water that its nearly impossible to find time to BREATHE, let alone exercise and take care of ourselves.

So HOW do you find the time?

Answer: You just DO.

When something’s important to you, you find the time…if its not, you make excuses.

I have friends (my husband included) who are up at 3:45-4:00 every morning and at the gym by 4:30 AM to fit it in before heading into the office.  I have members in my spin classes who forgo their lunch hour at Mickey D’s/Chipotle/Olive Garden to hit the gym, and eat lunch at their desks afterward.  I know full-time working moms who hit up a later spin class in the evening to get their workout on, before heading home to tend to their families.  Then, there are people like myself who are afforded the luxury of time, and are able to get their workout on daily around 9:30 AM as soon as the kiddos are in school.

You just FIND the time.

Yesterday, we had to nix our workout at the gym because Caleb wasn’t feeling so hot, but rather than NOT workout at all, we improvised.  We wrote up a CrossFit WOD and did our workout at home:


I’m sure people probably thought we were crazy jumping around in the cold on a Sunday morning, but we got it done. Winking smile

The Hubby & I told one another that we will NOT get the dreaded middle-aged spare tire and we WILL be healthy and fit into our 60s, 70s and beyond…but to do that, we have to find the time to get that way, and it starts now.

Recipe of the Day… Primal Gumbo !


I made this for guests several weeks ago and the Hubby loved it SO much, it has become a keeper in my recipe box.  I’m making it for my in-laws’ arrival this afternoon; I want to show them I can cook now and their son won’t starve being married to me. Winking smile

Ok, sending this one off…laundry and the 3 year old calls!!  Have a great Monday!

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