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Fitness Tips for Moms - Reasons to workout

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Workout reason 1. Improves your appearance and your self esteem
Workout reason 2. Lowers your blood pressure and reduces risk of heart disease
Workout reason 3. Makes your body stronger -- improves the strength of your muscles, joints, and bones, which is especially important for women over 40
Workout reason 4. It helps you with your life. Being stronger makes it so much easier to pick up the kids, carry the groceries, and fix that flat tire!
Workout reason 5. Reduces stress and helps prevent (or cure) depression
Workout reason 6. Improves your thinkiing. Increasing the circulation to your brain has measurable effects on your power of mind
Workout reason 7. Increases your "good" cholesterol (HDL)
Workout reason 8. Improves your sleep
Workout reason 9. Speeds up your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories through the day
Workout reason 10. Provides you with more energy. It is remarkable how the 'feel good' hormones released by exercise will keep you going
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