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Fitness Fads Over the Years

Posted Feb 09 2013 8:28am

My friend over at The Mommyhood Chronicles has a 5-funny things Saturday blog hop. I love that this always inspires me to look for humorous things to share for the weekend. I thought taking a look back at funny fitness fads would be good for a giggle. Which fads did you try?

Jane Fonda workout

How many leg lifts can you do?

Jane Fonda workouts were the first workout videos I ever did. Wow, I am old! Look how young she was?

Buns of Steel

My buns never quite made it to steel.

I had this one along with Abs of Steel. I think I even had Abs of Steel on an audio cassette. How many of you don’t even know what an audio cassette is?

Roller skating

I never looked quite this good.

I used to love watching the amazing disco skaters in Central Park. I was never quite that good, but certainly had some fun at the roller rinks with my friends.

thigh master

Yup, I had one. Admit it, you did too.

I think I had more than one of these. Not sure if I ever had the original, but I definitely had the knock-offs. I think you can still find this type of apparatus even today. Wacky!

ab roller

This one actually worked!

This is one that actually worked and really helped minimize stress on your neck. I think some physical therapists still have these around. I bet there are even a few lying around in health clubs across the country. Still looks pretty funny, huh?

Tae Bo

Ah, the Tae Bo craze!

Another trend that I tried. I actually injured my groin really badly with Tae Bo. The good part about that injury is I learned how to do proper kickboxing moves firing the right muscles. I did love Billy’s enthusiasm!

Shake weight

I even reviewed this one.

Did you try this one? I was even approached by the company to review it on my old blog. Funny enough, it was one of my top posts in terms of search engine results too. Even though it looked super silly, it did provide a decent arm workout. Not sure what happened to mine.

What fitness fads did you try in the past? What do you think will be the fads that we will reflect back on in the future?

Hmm, perhaps this one?

inverted yoga




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