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Filling the Void with Family Fitness

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
Have you ever arrived at preschool (late, of course) and noticed the parking lot was nearly empty? And you thought, "Huh." But you didn't let that stop you because, you are late after all. So you unload all four kids, who for once are wearing matching clothes and cute hair accessories (without making them) and you're secretly hoping all the other put-together moms will notice and not think you're a total slacker mom. Then you go into the dark building and proceed undeterred because, damn it, there is so much effort required in the morning to get you, the three girls and now the baby anywhere, you can't fathom that this effort could be all for nothing. Even when you see the first empty classroom you think, they must be in music. But no. They're not. And still, you head downstairs in the eerily quiet building to the next class because you can't convince yourself that the next semi-free three hours will not be part of your morning. But alas, you can't will the preschool teachers to show up. And you can't leave your three preschoolers there to just play on their own (OK, it just slid through my brain for a nanosecond but doesn't count as true consideration). Not sure whether to laugh or cry, you laugh (to make your kids feel better about the whole situation and to deflect the complete embarrassment you feel) and then secretly seethe that the preschool teacher did not remind you there would be no school this Thursday or say to you, "Hey, don't forget to read those silly little notices I send home every week, you never know when there will be a test!" Finally convinced there is no preschool, you pack up the four kids back in the car and sulk back home. Has this situation ever happened to you? No?

Me either (she said while crossing her fingers behind her back).

But if it ever did, I would sure be glad I read this guest post, " Fit Mommy, Fit Family" from Rachel who blogs at Fitness for Mommies,  which is chock full of ways to engage kids in fun activities. The kind of activities you might need, say, if the children had to stay home on a day they expected to go to school and you needed to redeem yourself as a competent mother. For the game, "Put Up Your Dukes" I just let them punch me. Oddly enough, it felt right.

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