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Feature Yoga Student~ Serene Christine Kuras

Posted Jun 28 2011 1:47pm

When I think of Christine I think of serenity. Even though Christine is a busy mom of three little girls, she leaves her worries at the door, and envelopes the studio with peaceful energy. When she practices yoga her eyes are often closed, and she has a peaceful, beautiful expression. It’s truly a gift to have Christine as a student. -Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

1.  How old are you?  39

2. How many years have you been practicing yoga?  I think it has been 3 years on and off.

3. Before you starting practicing yoga what did you think it would be like? Before practicing yoga I thought it was just a series of calm stretches and spiritual chants.

 4. What prompted you to try a yoga class with Sara?  I participated in a stroller exercise class that Sara led for a couple years after the birth of my second daughter and loved her rhythm and flow of teaching.  I was a ballet dancer when I was younger and Sara thought that yoga would provide a wonderful combination of what I enjoy about dance and exercise.  Once I tried her class, I was hooked!

 5. What made you decide to come back to more classes with Sara? Sara is such a wonderful teacher and is so in tune with her students and their needs.  Each class is unique which helps my mind to “let go” and just focus on being present.  Sara’s studio is very tranquil and her use of music, scent, lighting, décor and healing touch make each class not only physically challenging but also a spiritual experience.

 6. What advice do you have for others seeking a yoga instructor?  I believe that flow is very important in yoga in order to completely connect and be present, which is one of the many things Sara is fantastic at!  Her timing and cues are always so well done that I am able to go through most of our class with my eyes closed.  I also think a calm presence and confidence are important.  Finally, Sara always encourages us to do what feels best in our body that day and offers modifications so everyone is comfortably challenged.

 7. How has yoga improved your flexibility and or strength?  I am continually amazed at how physically challenging yoga can be by just holding poses and positions without the use of anything but your own body.  I also have lower back issues and yoga helps me to strengthen my core which protects my back and also helps my joints to be flexible.  Recently my back was on the verge of “locking-up” and just after one class I no longer had any pain.

8. What’s your favorite yoga pose? I love the circular salutations that we do, Warrior II, Triangle and Upward Dog which helps the bulging disk in my lower back to be put back into place.

 9. What do you like about yoga?  I love how yoga gives me the opportunity to make time for myself in a physical, mental and spiritual way.  With three young children, those opportunities are very few.  The breath is also so important and has helped me in my daily life when I feel stressed and overwhelmed.  I also enjoy how yoga connects me to the emotional aspects that I loved when I used to dance.   

10.  How have you changed physically, mentally and spiritually since practicing yoga? Physically, yoga has given me strength and flexibility throughout my entire body and has alleviated virtually all of my lower back pain.  Mentally, yoga provides me with the reminder to stay present and enjoy the now which has made me a better wife and mother to my girls.  Spiritually, yoga provides time for prayer and has many ties and similarities to my faith.

 11. How have you benefited from yoga? Yoga has helped me to develop more patience in my life.  While most of my time is spent giving to others, yoga has provided me with the time to focus on and take care of my personal self.  Yoga is beneficial to all aspects of my life and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to practice yoga.


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