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Favorite Things Friday: Rhody Bloggers

Posted Jan 11 2013 9:23am


About a month ago, I was invited to join a group of bloggers in the Rhode Island area (and surrounding Massachusetts). As a relatively new blogger, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of these ladies, pick their brains and basically have a support network of people who “get” this whole blogging gig. They welcomed me with open arms, even though I’m a Massachusetts gal; however, I was born and raised in Rhode Island – and work there now – so I guess by proxy I’m a Rhody Blogger.

When I joined, I had no idea what an incredible group they were. There’s no competition (which is more common than you would think in the blogging world), no cattiness, no exclusions, no “one-upping” each other. They are genuinely supportive and, well, nice.  And here’s the funny thing: I don’t actually “know” any of them. I wasn’t able to make the last get together. I’m technically a stranger to them, yet they answer all my random questions, read and comment on my blog posts, and generally give me virtual hugs and high-fives when I need them. It’s a true community, and I am so fortunate to be a part of it.

I invite you to check out their blogs, learn about their lives. We come from all different backgrounds, have different interests. We are moms and photographers and foodies and runners and talented designers. But the one common thread we share is our passion for  storytelling – which is essentially what blogging is all about.

So, with that, I give you the Rhody Bloggers:

Audrey –
Candice –
Carla –
Courtney –
Elizabeth –
Elizabeth –
Heather –
Heather –
Jane –
Jen –
Jen –
Jessica –
Jessica –
Joanna – Baby Gators Den
Jodi –
Kameron –
Kerri –
Kristin –
Laura –
Lauren –
Liza –
Megan – Melissa - 
Melissa –
Melissa –
Michele –
Michelle –
Renee –
Sarah –
Sarah –
Sarah –
Sheri –
Stephanie –
Tera –

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