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Favorite Things Friday: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Posted Oct 12 2012 8:48am

I apologize if Cyndi Lauper is stuck in your head now. But I can’t help it – we’re having a “Girls Weekend”! Yup, that’s right, just me and Mimi for the next 48 hours while Dr. G. and Buddy enjoy some daddy-son bonding time. Unfortunately, since one of us is a 16-month-old who’s asleep by 8pm (I’m not naming names), our girls weekend activities are pretty limited (no mommy/daughter mani-pedis just yet). But that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun.  Because we just wanna, we just wannnnnnaaaaa …

My weekend plans include the following:

  • Spend a lovely afternoon with my sister and her daughter for a double girls day
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Get veggie sushi takeout
  • Rent something from Redbox (anyone seen “The Five Year Engagement”??)
  • Read a book (I just got Gillian Flynn’s “Dark Places” – probably not the best book to read while Dr. G. is away)
  • Finish Canadian Thanksgiving clean-up (yes, I realize that was nearly one week ago)
  • Go grocery shopping

Exciting right?

So in honor of my first Girls Weekend with Mimi, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite chick flicks. However, I just realized that about half of these are from the late 80s/early 90s. Is that sad?

  • “Beaches.” “You are the wind beneath my wings.” Oh, Bette. I can’t get through that movie without crying. I can’t even sing “You Are My Sunshine” to Mimi without thinking of that scene in the movie and crying. Ahh, so much crying. But the one thing about this movie that makes me smile? Watching a young Mayim Bialik (aka “Blossom”) playing a young Bette Midler. Awesome casting.
  • “Heathers.” Yes, it’s not a traditional chick flick, but I watched this movie about, oh, 100 times the summer between 8th and 9th grade with my girlfriends, so I consider this a chick flick. So many awesome one-liners from one movie … and a fetching young Christian Slater to boot :) “Corn nuts!” “What’s your damage, Heather?” “Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.” I could go on and on. I think we naively believed this is what high school would be like, with the brightly colored blazers and bad perms (ok, we did have those) … but the croquet thing never really caught on.
  • “When Harry Met Sally.” Love this movie. Love it. From the smart, witty writing to the idea of soulmates to the NYC atmosphere. When Dr. G. and I got married, I borrowed a quote from this movie and had it printed in our wedding programs: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Awwww. By the way, what the heck ever happened to Meg Ryan?
  • “Dirty Dancing.” OK, I have two “Dirty Dancing” confessions. (1) I owned BOTH soundtrack cassette tapes (did you know there were two?). (2) I was the first of my friends in the sixth grade allowed to see that movie because of the “sex scene” (how scandalous of you, Mom and Dad!) You know, it’s kind of sad how so many people thought this movie was so risque back in the day, but when you compare it with today’s movies (with titles like “Friends With Benefits”) it seems so quaint and wholesome. How times have changed.
  • “Love and Basketball.” This is probably the lesser known of all these movies and that’s a shame. This movie is a charming and well-done take on the whole “falling in love with the boy next door” idea, but set against the backdrop of a mutual love of basketball. Rent it now if you haven’t seen it yet. (Also, if you have to subject your husband/boyfriend/significant other/male friend to one of these movies, this is your best bet).
  • “Love Actually.” This is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all-time. That airport scene at the end always gets me. But it’s the clever, intertwining stories, and the romantic hurdles each couple must leap, that drives this movie. Plus I’m a sucker for a good holiday-themed movie.
  • “The Notebook.” Ryan Gosling. Enough said.
  • “Sex and the City: The Movie.” Carrie. Samantha. Charlotte. Miranda. NYC. Shopping. Fashion. Shoes. OK, the plot was kind of so-so, but does it really matter?
  • “Bridesmaids.” My best friend and I saw this movie at the theater when we were each about 7-8 months pregnant with our daughters. Try sitting in an uncomfortable movie theater chair while laughing hysterically with a large baby pressing on your bladder. But it was worth it. I rarely laugh out loud at movies, but we were roaring at this one. My sense of humor can border on raunchy at times, so this movie suited me just perfectly. My one main complaint? It took me SO LONG to get that Wilson Phillips song out of my head! (“Hold on for one more day …”)

Honorable Mentions:  “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Sense and Sensibility,” “Hope Floats,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (no, I’m not 12-years-old), “Shakespeare in Love,” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

By the way, for all you fellow “Heathers” fans, check this out: “Heathers” is becoming a scripted TV show on Bravo! See story here . It apparently picks up 20 years later, when Veronica moves back to Sherwood, Ohio with her daughter, who runs into “the Ashleys” – the daughters of the surviving Heathers. Hmmmm. Not sure what I think about this. “Heathers” is such a classic. Plus this series reboot won’t have a 1988-era Christian Slater.

What would you add to my list? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite chick flick.

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