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Fast Food Friday! Healthy Breakfast at the Airport

Posted Sep 01 2012 12:00am

Eating well and keeping up with the fitness while on the road is not completely easy.  Especially when you are pressed for time, or you literally have to eat out every.single.meal.  Which is what I’ve had to do these past three days.

Now for lunches and dinners, the obvious choices for me are salads or a protein like a chicken breast or fish filet and two vegetables sides.


But what about breakfast?  I was at the airport on an early flight and starving and of course most of my options were all serving fatter breakfast items using ingredients I’m trying to cut out of my diet.

But then I found a little place called Au Bon Pain .

They offer a healthier menu that featured items made with whole grains, natural ingredients, and minimal processing.  They even pride themselves on having a nutrition advisory board made up of doctors and nutritionists to help them achieve a healthier menu.  Sweet! I ordered the Skinny Wheat bagel with egg whites and cheese and a side of fresh fruit. That’s a lot of food.  I was not hungry for the rest of the morning and well past lunch.   I’m hoping I can find one of these close to the office when I get back home because the food was excellent. Later on that day- I was able to get in a great workout at the hotel fitness center, but I had skipped my snack for the day.   Which isn’t really that smart.  Eat your snacks, people, or you will turn into the ravenous bitchbeast that I was when I realized that I didn’t have anything healthy on hand to eat.  Oh and if you are staying in a hotel you might want to stop at a STORE and pick up some healthy options like natural peanut butter and apples so that you don’t have to resort to vending machine snacks.   I’m starving at this point.  Which means that every.single.freaking. commercial I saw on TV in my hotel room was for pizza, chocolate, and cookies.  Grrr.   So before I could take a pizza delivery guy hostage and demand he give me all of his damn deliveries, I found some cash and headed to the vending machine. I’m standing there trying to figure out what I can eat, internally chanting:  stay away from the snickers.stay away from the snickers.stay away from the snickers.   Oh look!  Trail Mix!!
Usually your vending machine will be full of junk food and then ONE little row of some kind of nut mix or trail mix.  The trick is to look for whatever is in the most natural state with minimal processing.   How do you control your diet when you travel?  Because I’m not gonna lie- it was hard, man.

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