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exercise during pregnancy

Posted by Teresa J.

On the television show, Three Takes, this morning, a trainer from Diesel Fitness showed a pregnant woman a few exercises to keep her fit during her pregnancy. Here are some tips:

Squats-keep a fairly wide stance and when in the downward position, add a little bounce (3 times) or "pulse", as he called it, for intensity.

Squat with medicine ball-do squats as described above but with a medicine ball lifted above head rather than a "pulse."

Squat with light weights in each hand instead of a medicine ball.

Do all of the above for about 20 minutes a day. They are all done very slowly and with care.

Tip: Be sure your heart rate doesn't go over 140 beats/min. It's helpful to wear a heartrate monitor.

Obviously, it is wise to consult your OB/Gyn or doctor about exercises you are doing during pregnancy.

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