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Exercise Before You Blog Challenge #fitB4blog

Posted Apr 30 2013 6:45pm

Exercise Before You Blog Challenge Welcome to the Exercise Before You Blog Challenge.  I’m Jenn from and I’m thrilled to be helping out Anjannette from with this challenge. If you are stopping by here first, jump back on over to Momma Young so that you can sign up with our linky so we’ll be able to hook up on Twitter. 

Below you will find the workout schedule. Feel free to mix it up according to what works with your schedule.  First, say hi at my YouTube Channel with my Intro Video . Leave a comment and say hi. I’d love it if you would subscribe too.

Since May 1st falls on a Wednesday, you may want to adjust the schedule to fit your weekends. The weeks include some solid workouts with at least one day for stretching and one for complete rest. If you need more rest, take it. If you need to modify any workout, feel free or choose another workout in the plan or on the website that may be a better fit for your abilities.

The first 2 workouts are mine via the Youtube Channel. I am still working on creating more. All of the other workouts are from the collection. I really like the way they are instructed. There is no music so you can listen to whatever soundtrack motivates you.

Have fun. Can’t wait to see your tweets and photos. Below are the full workout details. Hop on over to  to sign up and for the printable calendar too. 

Day 1 – Sexy Shoulders

Day 2 – Heart Healthy Cardio

  • Comments: I created this one with my buddy at a local gym. It has bursts of cardio combined with body weight toning
  • Equipment Needed: none
  • Length: 12-20 minutes depending on reps of routine
  • Video:

Day 3 -  Beginner Balance Workout

Day 4 -  20 Minute Abs

Day 5 -  Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thighs

Day 6 -  Low Impact Cardio

Day 7 – Rest

Day 8 -  Cardio/Abs Combo

Day 9 -  Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs

Day 10 -  Upper Body Routine

Day 11-  Toning and Flexibility

Day 12-  Butt and Thigh Workout

Day 13 -  Feel good stretch

Day 14 Rest

Day 15 -  Bodyweight Cardio

Day 16 -  Butt and Thigh Toning

Day 17 -  Light Toning and Stretching for Flexibility

Day 18 -  Chest Lifting Workout

Day 19 -  Abs and Obliques

Day 20 -  Yoga/Cardio Combo

Day 21 rest

Day 22 -  Low Impact Cardio

Day 23 -  Abs and Obliques Challenge

Day 24 -  “Brazilian” Butt Lift

Day 25 -  Cardio Blast

Day 26 -  Feel good stretch

Day 27 -  Pilates Core

Day 28 – Rest 

Day 29 -  Fat Burning Cardio

Day 30 – Butt and Thigh Pilates

Day 31 -  Abs/Cardio Combo

31 Days of taking amazing care of your body!

All the best in Health and Happiness!











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