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Erecting A Holiday

Posted Nov 13 2013 11:56am

The plague is leaving!!!! World’s longest cold!! By day 10 (TEN?!?!?) I was growing concerned that I would end up very much like Dwayne Hoover in Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions in that the next book I read would turn gospel for me, because my reasoning skills would be so deteriorated. I’m truly glad this didn’t happen, because I was re-reading Farenheit 451. That’s just not a book you want to live. Although, the very act of reading the book sort of tells you that you likely aren’t living in a world wherein all books are burned. 

This is a picture of a flamingo that Kurt Vonnegut drew and was in BoC

(also known as “Wonderland” to Fox News correspondents.)

I just gauged the nerd level of that first paragraph. At least I didn’t mention what else I was doing while sick, which certainly wasn’t reading aloud all of Neil Gaiman’s YA and Children’s lit to the Captain after school….

nerd level? Dungeons and Dragons in your parents basement after working on your thesis in –Magical Realism:The Effects of Salman Rushdie on Harry Potter–

This is the trailer for “Midnight’s Children” You should buy this movie…but read the book first…It’s Salman Rushdie.

Now that my cold has abated, I have done the crazy. I put up my tree. Yes, I put up the Christmas Tree. You see, I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but as much as I like eating, I don’t love Thanksgiving. I simply cannot get behind the holiday knowing its history. If we, say, had a Harvest Moon festival wherein everyone celebrated the past bounty and anticipated the future chill, I’d be all for it. But, as much as I love America now, its history is checkered with all sorts of horror. (as is the way of most nations)

Harvest Day sounds lovely. Wrapping up a particularly negative aspect of the inception of New England in a pretty Pilgrim’s hat and serving it up with a side of bird? Yeah, not so much.

Back to the tree. Let me tell you, putting an artificial (I’m horribly allergic to pinesap) tree, while being chased about by the Peanut, and trying not to fall off the chair you’re precariously perched upon? Not so easy. I think I burned 9487394865 calories just from the nerves. It’s all good, because IT’S UP!! It’s all creatures, and red or white ornaments this year. (one storm trooper, and one darth vader…thanks, Jenn ) The only things I need to add are the candy canes and this year’s gingerbread ornaments.

I tried to get the kids to sing carols with me after I erected it, but they were unenthusiastic. I sang them anyway. Loudly.

Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge.

This one.

Tomorrow will be a browned-butter sugar cookie recipe that will blow your damn mind. I just need to re-make because they were eaten pre-pictures.

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