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Endurance Athletes & Cross Training

Posted Jul 31 2012 12:25am

These two things may or may not go together- depending on your view of athletics?!

Those of you who’ve ran multiple marathons on nothing but running, raise your hand? *me

Raise your hand if you’ve done some bodyweight conditioning when training for a marathon? *me

If you’ve never done any cross training ever and rode 50-100 miles regularly? *me

Ever completed a triathlon on 2 weeks of run/ride/ and swim style training? *me

Ever spend most of your “training” time in the gym lifting and spend less than 10% of your time working out getting your heart rate up? *me

Because of my LONG ridiculous history of endurance/athletic events, possibly, I’ve learned a few things I could share that I know to be true in regards to training for endurance events and the huge need for cross training!

1. Cyclists, swimmers and runners need a structured lifting program that would complement their sport.
2. Less is more in the field of aerobic exercise. Get out there, get it done, and get home.
3. Lifting heavy will not make you heavy or bulky- it will lean you out.
4. Sweet Potatoes should become routine in the house of all workout fanatics. It’s a great post-workout carbohydrate.
5. Too much high intensity cardio work can possibly “ride off your muscle”. Read Poliquin.
6. Bagels are Not good refueling post workout food!
7. Core work for upper body stability is must. Exercises such as Turkish Get Ups, Suitcase Deadlifts, Toes to Bar, Plank pose…anything that engages your core would be highly valuable to an endurance athlete.

Question: Should an endurance athlete who regularly does high intensity aerobic activity also need high intensity cross training style workouts?

My gut says no. Anybody have an opinion on this?

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