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Eating habits during pregnancy

Posted by Kristen D.

I don't plan on becoming pregnant for a few more years, but I've recently lost more than 40 pounds and now am concerned about how to keep my weight manageable during pregnancy. I've seen that some women gain more weight than others, and I wonder if that is just their bodies response in most cases, or if their eating habits are causing extra weight gain. I'd like to hear others' thoughts on that.
Also, when you have a craving during pregnancy, how do/did you handle it? Is it ok to give in sometimes?
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On the one hand your body is going to do what it's going to do. You can eat healthy and exercise, but don't drive yourself nuts. You'll have plenty of time to lose whatever weight you gain after you have the baby. I think people get into trouble when they just go completely insane and eat like crazy, but you won't. I gained quite a bit for my height during two pregnancies, but got back down below my starting weight within a year both times. Keeping track of my weight and measurements really helped me see the progress, both on the way up and the way down!
I put on 65 pounds with my son but I also quit smoking before I got pregnant so I handled that with suckers and candy. Also, I was just so tired. Now, I'm hoping that since we've changed our eating habits and we've really upped our activities, I'll do better next time around. I craved sour skittles and hot dogs the most. Ugh. And, of course, my constant enemy/lover: chocolate. And chocolate milk! What will I do next time? I will only drink chocolate milk after heavy workouts, as we do now. I will resist when I can but not go overboard, as I'll end up bingeing if I deny myself too much. I'll try to make healthy choices and fill up on things like veggies before I grab the chocolate. My husband is really good at saying no. If I ask him to pick up a chocolate bar on his way home from work, he'll deny me because he knows it'll be better for me in the long run. It's nice to have that support. Added facts: Not everyone knows but breastfeeding your child will HELP you lose weight after s/he is born. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories and is excellent nutrition for a child. Also, the better shape you are in, the better shape you will be in for labour and birth. That's added motivation for continuing to work out while pregnant.
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