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Eat to Lose!

Posted Nov 19 2012 10:37am

I understand many of you who read this might be interested in losing weight?  Have any of you tried slimming pills   in an effort to lose weight quickly?  How many of you would be interested in gaining muscle?  Remember, which one will slim you down?  Having more muscle or less fat, both, actually, but the truth is you want more muscle!!  Muscle weighs more than fat, so, if you were involved in a strength training program, you might not see a lot of pounds dropping on the scale.  In fact, the scale is really not the healthiest measurement device when it comes to looking for progress.    If you want to slim down and get leaner, pick a pair of tight jeans and put them on, then, go about a healthy weight loss program along with some strength training and watch those jeans get looser!

Over the last 4 years of having this website I have learned a lot about how to lose weight.  I used to be a 250 calorie mocha drinker on a daily basis.   Many years ago my favorite breakfast was a huge bowl of oatmeal with nuts, sugar, and dates.  Then, as time went by, I tried adding a scoop of protein powder to it, but would still end up starving by 10 in the morning.  Oatmeal is tasty but useless!     I’ve gone from a fairly healthy diet of pasta, lasagne, rice and bread to a diet that is largely based on proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.  My diet is far from perfect especially when away from home, however, 80% of the time, I am eating what I know builds muscle: veggies, fats and proteins.   In addition to that, I actually make plans to eat 3 meals a day that include those foods.  My goals have always been to get stronger which means I need to fuel my body to do so.

Here are some suggestions for healthy weight loss or muscle gain:

Everyone needs to eat a healthy breakfast daily.  Don’t skip it!  You’ll be more likely to crave/over eat/ consume too many calories later in the day.

Eat at least three times a day, maybe four depending on your exercise plans.

Carry healthy proteins all the time: smoked salmon, tuna, or jerky when you’re going to be away from home.

Splurge on dark chocolate once a week, but, keep it out of the house.

Keep your coffee drinks under control by drinking black tea or coffee.

Keep the party drinks to a minimum and learn to drink beverages will not set off your sugar cravings!

Never skip a meal.  Plan ahead.

Bottom line to healthy weight loss is to have a goal and a plan on how to get it done.  Find a workout partner to keep you accountable and be consistent.  Starving yourself or skipping meals will never result in a good plan of attack.


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