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Easy DIY Dress Up Station and Vanity

Posted Jan 08 2013 1:27pm
Buffer One of my projects this past weekend was to get Miss Sassy set up in the playroom with a new dress up area.  I created this nifty little DIY dress up closet and vanity out of a bookcase and TV stand that I had laying around.

SUPA cheap.

It required some added accessories, which were also purchased on the cheap because thrifty  should be my middle name.

But overall it was a super easy re-purposing project, and I love the fact that some of these items were a part of my wedding.

DIY Dress Up Station; diy vanity; diy dress up closet

Just a little background on why I call her Sassypants.

She first started getting into dresses, accessories, and blingy shiny crap at a very early age.


She is just about two in this picture.  As you can see, she has learned how to accessorize and she’s very serious about it.  It’s a gift.  I cannot get this kid to wear jeans.  If I do, she thinks she’s done something wrong.

Now I am not a fashionista.  I spent my high school years sporting my Dad’s flannel shirts and red steel-toed workboots.  I know.  Fancy.

I was channeling Lumberjack chic, but it never really caught on anywhere else.

I just don’t have the stylish gene in me.  My sister does, however, so I’m thinking that somehow genetically, mine was dormant and then exploded when Sassy was born.  Makes total sense.

But enough about that…I’m getting off subject again.  My apologies.

DIY Dress Up Station w Vanity and closet

  • Bookcase:  $20 at Target
  • TV Stand: $24 at WalMart
  • Fabric Bins:  $1.97 a bin at Wal-Mart/Mainstays
  • Mirror:  $5-10 Mainstays/Walmart
  • Extra bins:  Dollar Store
  • Wall Hooks:  $3 at Walmart
  • Tension Rod:  $3 at Walmart
  • stool- $7 Ikea


This was a fairly quick put together once I had all of my materials organized.

To start, I eliminated a shelf on the book shelf and added a tension rod.  Then added her dresses.  I actually ended up donating some that were older.  She has a ton of this stuff.

I already had the fabric bins on hand so I just added those at the bottom and filled with shoes and purses.

I already had the TV stand on hand, as well, so I put that right next to the bookcase and attached the cheapy mirror on the wall using mirror mount tape.

I then screwed in the wall hooks for the storage and added the extra bins I had laying around.

The two silver galvanized buckets on the side of the mirror were purchased long ago from my wedding that I’ve used for pantry storage.  I believe they were probably dollar store finds, because that’s how I roll.

A couple of notes, though:

If I had unlimited time ::giggles::- I would probably paint the mirror silver, or add some cutesy contact paper to the insides of the bookcase and TV stand.  I might also add cute contact paper to make the bins more matchy.  And I might have even add lettering to the bins.


But she can’t read yet and ain’t nobody got time for all that.

So this is how it turned out.


DIY Dress up Vanity
DIY dress up wardrobe

Let me tell you though, that I didn’t even have the last screw drilled in before she was primping away.  She LOVES this thing.  I built it to resemble a cool vanity that my sister has at  her house.  So Sassy was pretty darn proud to have a dress up area just like her bestie,  Aunt J.

Oh and I also added a cheapy Wal-Mart door mirror right next to the vanity on the wall that you can’t see in the picture.  It was about $8 and I mounted it with mounting tape.

If I didn’t have the wall space, the mirror would have gone on the side of the bookcase.

I hope you like it!  It was a fairly cheap project and easy re-purpose using crap I already had laying around!


See you next time!

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