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Early childhood nutrition

Posted by sheryl w.

Scientists in New Zealand are dispelling the common myth that obesity is caused by “bad genes.”

Scientists from Auckland University’s Liggins Institute have discovered that genetic pre-disposition to obesity can be reversed through good nutrition in early childhood.

Their research shows that when a mother is undernourished, her child’s body is pre-set to cope with a life of scarcity. And remember, undernourished does not necessarily mean not eating enough food. Many overeaters in the western world are severely undernourished due to an appalling diet of rubbish. Not only are their children likely to become fat because they eat the same foods as there parents, but also because they are biologically storing for not enough nutrients….a double whammy.

In laboratory tests, newborn offspring from both well-fed and undernourished rats were given leptin, a hormone that signals to the body when it has eaten enough. When they became adults, the long-term effects were measured by looking at genes that regulate metabolism in the liver. Rats from well-fed mothers reacted to leptin in the opposite way to those from undernourished mothers.

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Well said!!  I totally believe the heredity factor leans more toward learning the same eating styles that cause the same obesity our parents may have eaten to get there!  And know that fast food chains and supersizing is the norm for the last generation we are heading toward bankrupting the nations health care system in place to deaL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR OWN BAD EATING STYLES! WAY TO GO! 
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