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Dreams do come true. Boston 2014

Posted Sep 25 2013 2:12pm

I began running 12 years ago.  However January 21st, 2007 was when the face of running changed for me.  I ran my first half marathon that day, the Manhattan Half Marathon in Central Park.  It was freezing, so much so that the water cups had frozen solid at the hydration stations.

This wasn’t my first race, I ran a tiny little 5K along the beach in Venice CA when I livid there but I moved to NYC in Dec 2006 and everything about this day was a shock to my system.

That Manhattan Half Marathon that made me want to become a more competitive runner.  I saw groups of runners wearing singlets, they were teammates, they had camaraderie.  I saw families and friends holding signs for their loved ones through the park.  I saw mile markers and time clocks.  I wore a timing chip and a number … My eyes were opened to a whole new world of running.

Harrier winter run

Not from the Manhattan Half … but as you can see I struggled with appropriate race gear for a while :)  

From that race on I have participated in 56 Races of all distances.

I can say with 100% honesty that I have dreamed of running the Boston Marathon during every single one of those races.

47 Races in I qualified for Boston 

Screen Shot 2013 03 21 at 4 43 29 PM

A month later the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing occurred.  My heart broke for the running community, and my desire to run the 2014 Boston Marathon was on fire.

I wanted to run for the camaraderie that made me fall in love with racing, I wanted to honor the running community that has taken me in with open arms.

But as the qualifying goes, you have to wait.  Its not automatic that you run even if you do qualify.  There are limited spots and the entries are given out starting with those who ran the biggest spreads from their age qualifying time.  I qualified less than 3 minutes under my age qualifying time of 3:35 which means that it was a tight squeeze to get accepted to run 2014.

Sept 16th I submitted my application … and I have been pushing the anxiety of acceptance back, back, back in my mind.  BUT.  Today …

Dreams Came True.

Screen Shot 2013 09 25 at 1 27 27 PM

And I am one proud runner.  I will see you on April 21st 2014 Boston.  I will run your streets with pride for how far I have come as a runner and an extreme amount of gratitude for the community of runners and friends that surround and support me.


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