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Do You Take Penicillin for BlueFish?

Posted Nov 02 2012 9:38am

I feel tremendously guilty writing “getting back to normal” posts when so many of my friends simply cannot. More than a few of my friends’ homes have sustained so much damage that they’re currently unlivable, and others homes were completely destroyed. A friend of mine who lives in a neighborhood called “SeaGate” here in Brooklyn literally had the front part of her home swept out to sea. Just taken away by the ravening beast that was the Atlantic for 12 hours on Monday night.

But I love NYers. Her first text to me was “I was always bummed I wasn’t on an ocean facing block, not only am I now on oceanfront property, but I also have floor to ceiling windows in which to view it…should probably get some glass for it, though…..and maybe get this bluefish out of my bed.”

Of course I text her back and asked her if that was slang for someone with a nasty STD. I am pretty sure it is.

Another friend who lives in a neighborhood named “Sheepshead Bay” text me with; “Well, I was planning on moving to Red Hook, but I can’t swim, so both Red Hook and my living room are OUT, on the bright side, I’ve never seen my goldfish happier!!”

This is what happens when your friends are just as wrong and sarcastic as you are. Beautiful things happen.

But few things are as beautiful as when your friend, who is like Voldemort in that they will not be named, texts you and tells you their ferret smells fantastic.

Because, of course, I’m going to make an inappropriate joke out of that.

Today’s Friday Link Love is a somber one. Here are a few places you can donate to help those who lost everything. We can’t replace memories, but we can replace underwear.

American Red Cross Hurricane Relief

NYC Food Bank

The Humane Society of the United States


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