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Developing the New Year Fitness Plan

Posted Dec 27 2009 2:44pm

It’s that time of year when you’re thinking about how you’re gonna do everything differently.  Let’s take it a few steps at a time and look at the first two to three months in front of you.

Realistically, frame your goals around your lifestyle and lessons learned from years past. What changes can you make today that will ring in the New Year with a more confident, smiling, stress free YOU? Now, is your time!

1. What’s is my physical fitness goal for the next eight weeks?

2. What is my main challenge to achieving this goal?

3. What steps will help me overcome these challenges?

4. How many workout sessions can I fit in my current schedule?

5. No time to workout, what can I do with my body for 10 minute, today?

6. Daily stretching will help relieve tension and slow me down to reflect on events and thoughts.

7. What workout equipment do I have readily available? Pull it out now and keep it in a visual spot. Every time you walk by it, think to yourself, “Do I have a few minutes to workout?” Go ahead and complete an impromptu workout. A little here and a little there will do wonders for your morale and body.

8. My motivational mantras:

I can do it!

I am healthy and strong!

I love moving!

I feel great!

WHAT IS YOUR MAIN GOAL FOR the first part of 2010??

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