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Coppell Area Residents CRAZY For Pushups and CRAZY to HELP the Wounded Warrior Project!

Posted Mar 08 2010 10:13am

Coppell, TX– To borrow a phrase from the GEICO commercials, pushups are “so simple a caveman can do it.”


That’s why Linder of Get You In Shape Fitness, a fitness boot camp and personal trainer company here in Coppell is such a huge fan of pushups. “Anyone can do pushups, and they can be done almost anywhere,” says Linder.   “Plus, one of the great things about pushups is how they strengthen the core and build lean muscle pretty quickly, which in turn burns more calories so folks can lose weight and get in shape,” Linder explains.


“Also, pushups are what I call a gateway exercise,” says Linder, “people feel results quickly, sometimes within days, and that inspires them to make exercise a lifelong habit.”


Linder believes so strongly in pushups, and in raising money to support our wounded warriors, he has launched the Pushups for Charity Challenge.   This Saturday April 10th event is open to all Coppell Area residents who want to come out and do as many pushups as they can in 90 seconds to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.


“Folks can do pushups, or sponsor someone doing pushups by agreeing to donate fifty cents or one dollar for each pushup done in 90 seconds.   The average person might do somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 35 pushups in 90 seconds, so the average donation certainly won’t break the bank, but every dollar really helps and goes directly to the Wounded Warrior Project,” says Linder.


Pushups for Charity participants and sponsors receive a free home fitness program they can follow to prepare for the Pushups for Charity challenge and get into great shape.   All Coppell Area residents are invited to participate or sponsor. There is a video at explaining the details.


About the Authur :

Ownerwww.getyouinshape.comof Brad Linder, has been featured in numerous newspapers and even as the fitness expert on the news 8 (ABC). He continues to use the gifts that he has been given to help serve the needs others have when it come to being healthy, losing weight, sports, toning up, and overall fitness. Services include Dallas Boot Camps, Coppell Boot Camps, Personal Training, and the 24 Day CHallenge.  More information about Get You In Shape at


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