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Chicago Marathon Training Week 7/16

Posted Aug 13 2013 10:28pm


If I am being 100% honest I would like a do-over on last week.  It was just weird.  I was great Monday – Wednesday afternoon and suddenly my heath and fitness life was wacky as if I was functioning on an uneven plane.

But a do-over isn’t going to happen, so lets just recap it and move on – mmk?

Screen Shot 2013 08 13 at 9 20 36 PM

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – Hill Repeats

Lululemon Run Club Hill Repeats – 10 min warm up 5 x 0.5 mile hill repeats 15 minute cool down

Wednesday – 2 a day Wednesday

  • Run # 1 – I woke up a little earlier than usual to meet the lovely Emily for 5.12 miles.  I love chatting with friends on the run, it makes my heart smile.
  • Run # 2 – I am a lucky lady, I was able to catch another friend a few hours later for 5.5 more miles :)

Thursday – Soul cycle at E63rd.  Madison.

  • I slept about 2 hours before this morning class, had a horrible stomach night … I scrambled to get the kids ready and squeaked into Soul Cycle at 8:29 for my 8:30 class just to find out that I had signed up for the 9:30.

And that was when the week began to go south.  Later that day I slipped and fell square on the sidewalk as I was trying to text and walk.  Word to the wise: expect that your multi tasking skills will be horrible after getting zero sleep.

Friday – 3 very painful treadmill miles

  • I had some stomach pain and felt pretty awful all day and thought that I would try a slow run because sometimes fresh air and blood flow helps.  It did not.

Saturday – 6.25 careful miles

  • I was scheduled to run Summer Streets and hang out at the Reebok tent for the morning.  I unfortunately felt pretty awful still so I had to back out.  Later that day I went out for a run with VC’s supervision and I felt pretty ok.  Phew … stomach pain was passing.

Sunday – 14 miles

I was scheduled to go for 18 miles with Abby .  Unfortunately I slipped in the dark while walking to the kids room and hit my head. (are you seeing the trend here?) I woke up with a rhealllly bad headache and couldn’t make it to Abby.

And so after sleeping for a long while I headed out with my escort, VC.  We had a great run, albeit very hilly … I had to stop a few times because I just didn’t feel right, but VC was a pretty awesome sport and I thank my lucky stars that I a husband who has a ton of patience and understands that the idea of skipping my long run entirely makes my hyperventilate.

That was week 7 – I did manage to run 38 Miles which is awesome in my opinion for how much week 7 tried to beat me down.

The funny thing about week 7 was that it seemed to be completely out of my control.  I will be honest with you and say that I wasn’t the sweetest person to be around but at some point I realized that stressing out about the need to control the uncontrollable was pointless.

Let go

And so we move on.  Week 8 … halfway there!


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