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Captain Obvious

Posted Sep 04 2012 3:13pm


6.25 Miles.  On this beast:

ok it doesn’t look that beastly … but it WAS! Also very pretty

10 Min warm up, 8x3min hill repeats, 10 min cool down

Hill training is touted as “speedwork in disguise” … I’m not sure about that as my repeats up this mountain hill were a good 1:30-2 min beyond my goal marathon pace.  However my legs certainly had a good workout and I know that hill training makes me stronger.

I used to overcomplicate hill training.  I mean suicide runs are fun with a group, but hard to motivate for on your own.  I would always have the intention to include more hill workouts in my training, but I didn’t really know how to.  What should a hill training workout look like? How fast should I run the hill? How long do I need to run uphill? It hurts.

This season my coach has introduced me to a slightly obvious fact.  Hill training is not complex.  You find a hill and run up/down it.  My workouts started with 4X2 min hill repeats meaning I find a hill that takes me 2 mins to climb and I run up/down it 4 times.  Now I am up to 8x3min repeats or 6×4 min repeats.  Always with a 10 min warm up and 10 min cool down.

Oh and coach never includes a speed.  The point is to build strength in my legs by including hill repeats, not to burn out my quads by running too fast

Not complicated at all.

This may or may not be a revelation to you … but it sure was to me!  Just call me Captain Obvious.

Duh Mom.

How about you?  How do you incorporate hill training?

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