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Bread, wine or broccoli? It’s your choice.

Posted May 10 2010 9:06pm

Lately, my zone diet has slightly derailed…particularly for my weekend “off diet” food choices.  At Costco recently, I got *suckered* into buying Strawberry bread “that would be great as french toast” or a “mom’s time out” and ” it goes great with coffee”, said the sample lady.

My kid tried it and loved it, and so there it goes, I buy it.  $5 for one loaf of bread.  Yikes!  The plan was for only my kid to eat it….and yet, Sunday morning I make myself some fabulous Zone eggs and think, “I’ll just get my carbs from bread today.”  One slice of this strawberry bread with butter on it is of course delicious. Did this mom look at the label before she bought it? Nope.  Did she look at it when she served it to her kids? Nope.  She only looked at it AFTER consuming her slice!  Anybody want to take a guess on how many carbs are in one slice of bread?  33 grams!!! Holy smokes.  That is more carbs than I get in one meal in one slice of bread!!

Calmly, now, I can rationalize that it was Mother’s Day and I deserved this “treat” at breakfast…blah blah blah…How many treats will I allow myself in one day?  That’s the thing with dieting, you think you’re doing good, but then, you slip with one slice of bread or one packet of sugar in your coffee or extra nuts before dinner…It all adds up.  Whether you want to lose body fat or weight, carbs count.  At dinner, I pull everything I’m going to eat off the grill- chicken + green veggies + dark chocolate and/or wine depending on the night…Wine, chocolate, bread all count towards your carbs!  Too many carbs = no results.    All that hard work in the gym won’t amount to much if you eat more than you burn.

Life Lesson Number #1599999999…..

New goal: Maintain Zone Diet for one week with a splurge meal on Saturday Night….

What have you all learning form dieting?

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