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Book of advice for getting kids to eat healthy

Posted by Kristen D.

Check out Jessica Seinfeld's new book "Deceptively Delicious," for great ways to get kids eating healthy without them knowing that there are veggies, or other healthy foods not so popular with some young ones, involved.

I'm definitely going to buy one at some point. Has anyone else read it?

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"Feed Me, I'm Yours" is another great book about healthy food for kids. While some kids are already picky eaters, for whatever reason, and I have lots of ideas for "hiding" vegetables and other "undesirable" foods from my experience with kids who are turned off by certain foods, I think it's ideal to not hide vegetables from kids but to teach them from a young age that they can be delicious and that you like to eat them because they are good for you and make you feel good. A large part of eating well as a kid is developing good eating habits. If you don't know you eat vegetables and believe you hate them, that may not serve you well as you start to choose your own foods. I am a firm believer that many people don't like vegetables because they aren't expected to. Change the expectation!!
I also hear that Sneaky Chef is great. One of the moms brought a brownie recipe to our MOMS Club meeting and it was fantastic. She said there was spinach and cauliflower in the mix (I think?!).

Yes, and it's TREMENDOUS... She's got very creative ways of 'sneaking' in the healthy stuff, yet making the food fun and delicious for kids to eat.

Debi P

Everyday our kids are exposed to the growing popularity of fast foods. As a parent, I find it very difficult to inculcate healthy eating habits to child. Foods that are cheap and easily prepared are usually not good for health. My son is four and is a very picky eater especially when it comes to meat.I've read several articles on the net that helped me become creative in preparing food for my kid. I'd definitely get a copy of that book one I have my payday loans  approved. i hope it will help me more on managing my kid's meals and eating habbits.
I think the key to getting kids to eat healthy is to start early and have the whole family follow the diet. If children aren't allowed to know what junk food tastes like, they won't crave it and be at risk for developing childhood obesity. 
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