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Bodybuilding versus Weightlifting

Posted Nov 12 2012 1:41pm

Note: This post is simply my perception of bodybuilding versus weightlifting and if you don’t agree, feel free to comment.

Since yesterday’s post, I’ve been curious about bodybuilding training.  What do they really do and why do they do it?  What I’ve learned in just an hour of searching the internet is that bodybuilding is all about How You Look naked.  Bodybuilders are more than willing to spend 2 + hours in the gym working their arms alone!   The major goal is to get bigger, thicker, have more definition and basically look ripped.  Along with that, they break down their training into workouts, nutrition and bodybuilding supplements .    They seem to be willing to purchase a wide variety of supplements from pre-workout to post workout to additional proteins , creatines, mass gainers, and fat loss products.  On one bodybuilding website, a sample program of workouts included narrow pushups, wide pushups, bench press with dumbbells,  one arm bicep curls and lat pull downs, etc… 3 sets of 12-15.  The nutrition portion prescribed six meals a day that consisted of simply proteins and vegetables with absolutely no fats at all included in the diet.  There are also bodybuilding competitions for the sake of how you look in front of a crowd! You flex and they judge.

In comparison to a weightlifter, the goals and motivators are completely different.  The goals of a weightlifter are to lift more weight.  Particularly in the two major lifts of clean and jerk and snatch.  The diet that is consistent with most weightlifters is a fairly strict meat, veggies and healthy fats diet with little to no fruit, alcohol or grains.    The goal of a weightlifter is not necessarily to have cut arms and defined abs but to have an absolutely solid core from which to snatch from.   I have seen many seriously sexy looking weightlifters who are ripped, however, that is a side note…not the main dish!  Competitions for weightlifting includes 6 lifts and you’re done.  Judging happens on successful lifts rather than how you flex your biceps!

I’m quiet sure you all know where I stand on this issue and which I prefer to do.  However, there is one thing that in common among both- whether you lift to look good naked or you lift to lift more weight, the result assuming good nutrition is a lean healthy body.  Weightlifting of any kind will lean you out.  Bottom line, if you lift weight, you will shrink your body and be a healthier you!

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